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Transliteration of Cyrillic characters

On the pages of TrotskyanaNet a considerable number of names and terms from the Russian language (and of course from other languages using Cyrillic characters) occur which have to be transliterated into Latin characters. With regard to transliteration please note the following:

1 — Cyrillic character 2 — Transliteration in texts 3 — Transliteration in bibliographies
а a a
б b b
в v v
г g g
д d d
е e e
ж zh ž
з z z
и i i
й i j
к k k
л l l
м m m
н n n
о o o
п p p
р r r
с s s
т t t
у u u
ф f f
х kh ch
ц ts c
ч ch č
ш sh š
щ shch šč
ъ [omitted] [omitted when at the end of a word]
ы y y
ь ' '
э e ė
ю iu ju
я ia ja
Three examples for illustration:
Троцкистская Trotskistskaia Trockistskaja
общественной obshchestvennoi obščestvennoj
Верховный Verkhovnyi Verchovnij
Wolfgang and Petra Lubitz, 2004

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